MUM's Weekly Planner


Manage your busy family with our MUM's Weekly Planner that can accommodate up to 6 schedules, to do lists and a detachable shopping list that can be updated by all the family.

This is an A4 Landscape notepad with 60 pages, so more than enough to last a year and beyond.  Use it as and when you need to to keep track of everyone's movements.

Customer Reviews

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Julie Jolly
Versatile Planner

I love these, and have used them for years for all sorts of things, as you can head the columns however you wish. Currently using them for my Slimming World food diaries, and using the tear of shopping list as I make my plans! They are so good, and impressed my SW consultant so I have now bought her one.

Patsy Adams
Just what Iwas looking for

Excellent quality, lovely design and just the right size. Very impressed

Great product, great service

I’ve used this product for years and normally buy it via Amazon but it was unavailable this time so I bought it direct and wasn’t disappointed! It arrived within 24 hours!

The product is great for organising the little tasks that pop up. It’s good rewriting my to do list every week as it keeps it fresh or if it’s a big list I can use the tear off and keep it for longer - perfect!

As it’s not dated I am not wasting sheets when we are on holiday which is great. I wouldn’t want to be without it!

Thanks Mums Office!

Lottie Saunders
Perfect for keeping in the Kitchen/Office etc

This is perfect for organising a busy family - I keep this on my desk in the kitchen which means that at any given time I can answer questions about who is where and when and whether people can accept invitations/invite people round etc.

I particularly love the fact that it isn't dated so that I can start it whenever I want and don't waste pages for the weeks when we are on holiday.

This has been a real sanity saver for me!