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We are often asked what is the the difference between our diaries: MINI, MUMs, BIG, BLOX - so we will try and shed some light on the matter.....


Which size?

MINI, MUM's or BIG and just to add to the dilemma, new for this year Diaries by BLOX Stationery.

In a nutshell the MUM's MINI has 3 columns and is the smallest diary, MUM's Diary (the Original) has 4 and is the size of a penguin paperpack the BIG Family has 5 columns and is a desk diary, and just to confuse you Diaries by BLOX Stationery also have 3 but at A5 are bigger than the MINI and the Original.

In terms of calendars and planners, MUM's Weekly Calendar has 6 columns and is a weekly format and MUM's Weekly Planner is undated, again with 6 columns.

Which size is best for me?

What's the difference?

MUM's MINI Diary/ MUM's MINI School Year Diary  really is mini.  It is the smallest in size, has 3 columns and has less pages as doesn't have all the sections for recording the children's contact information, pocket money record, etc.  MUM's MINI Diary does not have an internal pocket, an elastic pen loop or an elastic closure band.

MUM's Diary / MUM's School Year Diary  is our original diary.  It is approximately the size of a penguin paperback, has 4 columns and lots of pages to record information for all the family.

The BIG Family Diary / The BIG Family School Year Diary  has 5 columns and the same sections as MUM's Diary with an additional Children's Contact Information.  This really is a desk diary.

The Diary / The Academic Diary by BLOX Stationery  is A5 with 3 columns, and is designed for general use as has no reference to kids or families and is suitable for both men and women, particularly students and teachers.

MUM's Weekly Calendar has a weekly view, is A4, with 6 columns and hangs on the wall for all the family to update.

Calendar Year or School Year?

That's an easy one - do you have children at school?  If so the School Year Diary, dated from August to August is great as you can set it up before the first of September to coincide with new classes/schools and there is no changing over come January 1st! 

The Calendar Year range is dated January to December for those who prefer it that way!