MUM’s Office was conceived by Emma Fletcher in 2006, then a mother of three living in London. Three has now become four and family life gets increasingly busier. With the arrival of her third baby she found that life took on another dimension and something had to be done to bring order to her family’s life. She had to regain control. She had to get organised.

Primarily something was needed to help reduce the scheduling chaos. As a Mum you need to manage a number of schedules and coordinate them all to synchronise, nap times, school runs, after school activities, birthday parties. You need to know who needs to be where, who will be home for dinner, what you need to remember to send in to school next Monday with Freddie!

Most diaries have been designed with one user in mind. When you try to include your activities, your children’s, room for a to do list and the ultimate in home organisation - meal planning, you just run out of space. MUM’s Diary was born.  As with most families MUM's Office has grown and we now have many siblings for the original MUM's Diary.