We sent a reviewer a Family Address Book as a Thank You gift and just look at the lovely message she sent back:

Thank you very much for your gift. I was initially a little puzzled to receive the new address book then, on reading your attached note of thanks for being a customer I was very touched & very grateful to have been thanked in this way. I have been a customer since my children clubbed together & gifted me my first 'Pink' Academic diary for Christmas one year when they were both still in Primary school! I was so 'wowed' by the quality, layout & handy size & especially by your signature pink, that I've continued to be a customer since; which has delighted my children & been a source of continued great pleasure to me since. I'm now also gifting from your expanding range & colours to others; including back to my own children - both of whom are now graduates & undergraduates in continuing education. Thank you Emma & 'Mum's Office' for your gift. Have a wonderful Holiday Season & 2020 New Year.  Kindest Regards, Roni

We hope all our customers are as happy as Roni!! 

December 09, 2019 — Emma Fletcher

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