MUM's Shopping List


MUM's Shopping List is a handy notepad to use when making meal plans and corresponding shopping lists.

The meal plans for the whole week can be organised while creating a corresponding shopping list, which can then be easily torn off along the perforations to take shopping with you.

MUM's Shopping List contains 48 A5 portrait size pages with perforations down the centre to ease tearing off the shopping list. There is a magnetic strip along the back so that it can be kept conveniently at hand on the fridge.

Customer Reviews

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Patsy Adams

Just the right size, perfect for a meal plan and shopping list. A large magnetic strip on the back so it can be attached to the fridge.

The thing you never knew you needed but now can’t cope without!

Indispensable! It’s unbelievable the difference this had made to my meal planning, shopping, monitoring diet and healthy eating, preventing food waste, therefore saving money, not to mention the stress and guesswork it takes it takes away. Wondering what to have for dinner and whether you have the ingredients is one less thing to worry about with this simple little book.

Jenny Shaw

This is the 4th (or maybe 5th)shopping list I have purchased from you. There is lots of space to plan meals for the whole week and, as it is magnetic, is easy to keep to hand. I can't imagine not having one of these in my kitchen now! Thank you for continuing to make fantastic products!

Karen Swanscott
Indispensable tool for family life

Years of writing shopping lists and meal plans on scraps of paper gone now I have found this. The idea of having the meal planner and shopping list in one is brillliant and has simplified my weekly food planning and shopping. I can't imagine doing without this now and as I already have a 'spare' one waiting in the wings, I have no plan on doing so.

Clive Vosper
Best Shopping list/planner I could find

I researched a great deal and found this with difficulty as it does not come up in google no matter what you type in.
However, it was worth it, as it the best I could find, as it does not waste space with pretty pictures of butterflies and cats, and is perfect for planning a weeks menu.
Only one small point, why does it have to be the very cliched pink, how about a nice cool silver/grey and call it man's (not Dad's, I am not a Dad) shopping list. Some of us are on role reversal, and I think despite the title of your website could you expand your range ?

Hello Clive, sorry you struggled to find our Shopping Lists. We are working on our google profile at the moment, so hope this will get easier very soon. Thanks for your feedback - we take everyones suggestions into account when planning ranges and products. Have a great year.
MUM's Office