The BLOX Financial Diary



Do you need to get your finances in order? Or know someone else who might?

With detailed recording of your income and expenditure, the BLOX Financial Diary helps you to take control of where your money goes. This is the first step in being able to focus on your saving and budgeting goals. Much more than a budget book, this undated diary is all you need to keep track of your finances, help you to be financially mindful and start you on the path to saving money.

Tabbed Sections include:

  • Account Details to record the details of your financial arrangements;
  • Financial Goals to keep you focused;
  • Summary create monthly and annual summaries to track your progress;
  • Savings to record monies that you have specifically identified to save;
  • Income to record your income as it is received;
  • Financial Commitments to record financial commitments that you have made;
  • Weekly Expenses Summary to analyse the details of your spending (probably the most important part of this journal);
  • Weekly Expenses pages to record your discretionary spend as and when you spend it.

The BLOX Financial Diary is A5 in size, measures 21cm by 15cm and contains 176 pages of bright white paper.  It is thread bound so that with a little bit of use it will lie flat.  With a thin hardback cover and rounded corners, an expandable pocket on the inside back cover, 3 grosgrain ribbon page markers and a choice of 2 colours, it is a very smart journal that you will enjoy using.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patsy Adams
The best money management tool I've found

This is my second financial diary. It is superb and by far the best I've ever found. Delivery from company is fantastic.

We will get organised

I’m back, just wanted to say after my first review for this, loved it so much and so easy to fill in , found we couldn’t write all our weekly spending for both my husband and I, so bought another in the royal blue. Now we run both alongside each other, the bills and monthly commitments are the same in both but the weekly spends mine has what I spend in and he writes his spending in his. Totalling each up and comparing in a couple of months should give us an easy view on how we are doing. Thanks mums office


Absolutely love mums office. 2019/2020 diary already filling up fast, have made a good start on my Christmas book too.
This years main goal is to get our finances in order. Have just recieved my finance book and absolutely love it. Goals are set! Incomes and outcomes put in! So well organised have never come across books as well organised and presented as mums office. Each month i am treating myself too a new book. They are bright colorful overall just great. Makes my mind clear and organised. Thanks mums office thanks for making my caotic life much easier!!

Finally organised

Well I’m impressed, received my order yesterday of this lovely organiser along with my new big diary. What can I say mums office it’s fantastic, the colour is amazing, the layout is easy to follow and understand, there are pages at the beginning of each section to explain how to use them. I love it can’t wait for payday to start using it now.

Thank you very much, our first review of our new BLOX Financial Diary, whoop, whoop (need an emoji!!). Do please let us know how you get on and good luck with your financially mindful journey.