The FAMILY Address Book



The FAMILY Address Book is for people who know lots of families.  It is designed to give you space to record details about your friends' families including all the children's names, birthdays and mobile numbers.  It is landscape in format and measures (H)17cm by (W)20cm.  It has a whopping 228 pages of luxuriously 120gsm thick white paper, a hardback cover with rounded corners, 2 coordinating grosgrain ribbons, an alphabet step index and a pocket on the inside back cover to hold stamps, change of address cards, etc.

    Sections include:
    • Dates To Remember, Need To Know Numbers, Need To Know www. and In Case I Lose My Mobile, our popular pages to help with all your data management;
    • pages to record the sending and receiving of your Christmas Cards;
    • our unique MUM's Office designed Families pages to record information such as mobile phone numbers and dates of births for all family members, rather than squeezing all the kids names on to one line; and
    • People & Places pages for those without kids!
    The PINK and PLUM Address Books are printed in our signature pink printing and the FRENCH NAVY and SKY B LUE Address Books are printed in grey.

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