Blame Brexit, Covid, Summer you name it, it has been a logistical nightmare trying to get our 2022 collection to you.  But months later, and later than we would like, here it is.  We are excited to share 8 colours with you and 2 new products - more on that later.   Our first new colour is Khaki, although I want to call it Ghaki, it is Khaki with a hint of a gold burnish set off by pink elastic and ribbons.   And next up we have Silver which is a fabulous bright silver which we have been searching for for ages with lilac elastic and ribbons as chosen by my eldest daughter Charlotte.  We hope you approve!  
And the new kids on the block ....
The BLOX Planner 2022 - the same size as our BIG Family Diary but with 4 columns and as with all our BLOX Stationery products is suitable for general use rather than for families.  The BLOX Daily Diary 2022 - with a whopping 352 pages this is your Page-A-Day diary for busy, busy people who want to keep a detailed record of their day's events.
Hello 2022, we can't wait to meet you.
August 31, 2021 — Emma Fletcher

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