The gift of stationery is as practical as it is useful.  
Notebooks, journals and notepads are perfect gifts for you or anyone special in your life.  
Gift someone special one of our diaries or planners and you will be by their side for 365 days of the year.
Look at the ideas that we have for you ......
MUM's Diary 2024
MUM's Diary 2024 a best seller for your best friend.
Our best seller for a good reason.  Give 365 days of love with this diary.
Grandparents can be tricky to buy presents for, what do they really need?
Our FAMILY Address Book keeps track of everything.
The BIG Family Diary 2024
The BIG Family Diary 2024 is for the family with loads of kids who are none
stop, here, there and everywhere.  Offer that helping hand 365 days of the year.
MUM's Shopping List
A bestseller that makes an appearance in mums' stockings across the land!
MUM's Shopping List will get you organised and help you to save money too!
The BLOX DOT Notebook
Does the SUPER DAD in your life need a new notebook?
A metallic teal colour with a dot GRID layout, this BLOX DOT Notebook is a multitasker. 
MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary
MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary is the perfect present for anyone having a baby
or who has just found out that they are pregnant.
The BLOX A4 Notebook
The BLOX A4 Notebook is just the thing for your busy executive friend
who likes to take long meeting notes.
MUM's Birthday Book
Your super organised friend who loves stationery and likes being organised
about everything will be super impressed by our MUM's Birthday Book.
The BLOX Financial Diary
The BLOX Financial Diary is just the thing for anyone who wants to be
financially mindful and start on a path to saving money.
MUM's Notebook
MUM's Notebook, for your tricky sister-in-law who likes everything just so!
The FAMILY Visitors Book
Visiting friends over the holidays or know anyone with a new house?
The FAMILY Visitors Book is the perfect gift.
The BLOX Christmas Book
And last but by no means least, The BLOX Christmas Book. 
The ultimate gift for anyone who craves an organised Christmas.
December 01, 2023 — Emma Fletcher

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