MUM's To Do List


MUM's To Do List is notepad to help you focus on what needs to be done.

Prioritise your tasks:

  • I must do today
  • I should do today
  • If I get time .........

It has 48 A5 portrait size pages and a magnetic strip along the back so that it can be kept conveniently to hand on the fridge.

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Customer Reviews

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Time management game-changer!

This to-do list has totally changed the way I manage my time, I love it!
I used to have an endless to-do list, always feeling frustrated that I never got to the bottom of it. This Mums Office list has helped me to prioritise what I need to do. So at the end of each day I take a minute to write in the pad for the next day using the 3 pre-printed headings. I always do the "must do" tasks and if I get to complete the "should do's" it feels great, I'm slowly chipping away at that endless list of tasks that I really should do, without compromising on my priorities.
It might sound dramatic but I'm actually sleeping better too knowing that my priorities are set for the following day! My mind doesn't wander thinking about what needs to get done as it's all written down.
Simple but effective, thanks Mums Office!