I love the crispness of a new diary, the feeling of a fresh start and a new year.  I don't mind transferring over information because it is a chance for a tidy up.  The first thing I do is transfer any dates I have noted in the OUR PLANS section of my previous years diary.  DATES TO REMEMBER is updated for all the birthdays and anniversaries, I mark out all the school holidays on OUR PLANS, remembering to check the school calendars as sometimes term dates do change! I then update OUR WEEK for the new term's timetable. Usually this is pretty much the same but sometimes the kids change a club or take up a new activity.  I move on to the weekly pages, having updated these already from the previous year's diary, I then go through the school calendars (I have 4 to do!) and update for school plays, Parent/teacher meetings, etc.

Once I have updated all the dates I move onto the CONTACT DETAILS and NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION. I feel a sense of calm once I have updated all this information, just knowing that it is all organised and I know where to get the information I may need in a hurry. It's surprising how quickly the pages fill up.

January 29, 2015 — Emma Fletcher

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