These ring binders are massively reduced on Amazon so now is the time to set up a family/home organisation filing system with the help of our Templates.  I have one for each child.  I put everything that comes home into these such as class lists, school calendars, details of school trips, holiday courses, payment of swimming lessons etc.  Click on image for link to Amazon!

I have also set up the following Home Organisation files:
  • a house file that contains everything from take away menus to the rubbish collection schedule;
  • a holiday file for booking information, printed boarding cards etc;
  • a bills file which has the last 4 of each of the utility bills, TV licence, etc;
  • an insurance file, house, computer, travel, washing machine, etc;
  • a pet file for everything that we need concerning our dog Maggie; and
  • a garden file.
Now they are all stacked beautifully on the shelf, photo to follow soon.  GOOD LUCK
November 01, 2012 — Emma Fletcher
Tags: News

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