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May 23, 2016 — Emma Fletcher


Siobhan Baker said:

I had despaired trying to find a diary that met my business needs. Computers and tiny screens just don’t do it for me. Finally, THE GRID! has swooped in to save the day. Five years a customer now, and for as long as I forsee being in business I will be using the fabulous MUM’S OFFICE diaries.

Marianne said:

Having just received my school year 2023/2024 diary in Silver with purple ribbons I thought it time to post a review. I have been using these diaries now ever since my son has been at school. He also is a competitive swimmer so I am Mumneeding to book in swimming galas many months into the future so the diary is perfect. I have enjoyed the various colours over the years and find the columns and the space perfect even for a compact size. Well done MUM’s Office. I also have the Mum’s to do list which I find fantastic. There is nothing better than writing a list and having the satisfaction of crossing out items when completed. In these days of modern technology I still much prefer to write things down. Please come up with a pen which fits the small diary.

Gilly wilson said:

I have just purchased my 2023 diary and looking forward to unwrapping the new champagne colour – so pretty. I absolutely love my Mums office diaries and have introduced many friends to them along the years. I have four children and a busy life, so the diaries get a good old bashing and are very well used, but because of the quality remain beautiful and stylish well past that last entry. Thank you Mums office for helping to keep me organised.

Lesley Brennan said:

I’ve been using Mums Office diaries for years now and I just can’t possibly manage without one. I love how organised I can be and that I can have a different colour diary every year :) I’ve also purchased other gifts for my friends, like pregnancy diaries, wedding planner, address books etc., and everyone absolutely loves them. The way I can plan and schedule everything in my diary is sooo helpful with the different columns for the family and myself. Even the elastic loop to hold a pen makes me so happy. I really can’t imagine having any other make of diary….thank you soooo much….looking forward to getting my 2023 one as I already have concert dates to put in it :)

Kathryn said:

I’ve just received my 2021/22 Blox Academic Diary. I’m so excited. It’s like Christmas all over again! This is the 2nd diary I’ve ordered from Mum’s Office and I only wish I’d discovered them earlier. I love the style, look and feel of the diary and, of course, the different columns help me to record both my family’s movements and my work hours. I’m looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea later and filling in as much as I can. Thank you Mum’s Office! It’s perfect!

Jacqui Lund said:

I am just about to order my next mum’s diary for the school year 18-19. This will be my second diary from Mum’s office. I have recommended it to all my friends as it is the only diary I have found that actually understands how a busy working mummy works. I love the columns which are ideal for organising the kids, dinners and even the dog!

All I would change is that it would be nice to have the school format in an A5 size just to make a bit easier to write in and maybe an extra column?

Michelle Hopkinson said:

I’ve just purchased the Blox diary for 2018. This will be my 3rd diary from Mum’s Office. I’m back after a year’s absence and I’m so glad. It was a false economy buying elsewhere last year; I won’t be making the same mistake again. Mum’s Office diaries are the best ones I’ve ever used and really do keep me organised. Those extra columns are so useful and the pocket at the back is a godsend.

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